Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Birds on the Bay

It's been a while since we walked the Larry Scott Memorial Trail along Port Townsend Bay. With all the work we've been doing around the house, we haven't had much of an opportunity to venture out just for sheer pleasure and birdwatching. We did notice that all of our southern migrators have gone south, but I was curious to see who was still around. So I left Roger way up on a scaffold and I went down to the water to see the birds of autumn.
I was delighted to see this lovely mallard nestled in the warm sun.
While her mate cast a perfect reflection as he sailed by.
The beach was covered with Black Turnstones. Their return to Port Townsend Bay actually signals that winter is approaching. These birds make a wonderful sound, which was quite a nice tune to walk with along the shore.
I was surprised to see this Bald Eagle. We learned the other day that there are four mated pairs in our area, but we always thought they left in fall and returned to Port Townsend to mate in late winter. Could this be a newcomer?
I thought this was an unusual spot for the Great Blue Heron, perched atop a fence post, but there she was, staring from high up on the cliffs way out to sea.

I picked a grand day for a walk. The sky was absolutely cloudless and the fall-winter shore birds were out. So, it all makes me wonder which birds stay through winter in your neck of the woods?

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