Saturday, October 14, 2006

Good Planet State Secrets

Hawaii from Annie:

Swimming hole in Papaikou

Oregon and Washington from Dawn:

Sea star from Seal Rock, Oregon

A fawn in Washington

Coastal California from Tara:
Sunrise on Monterey Bay

California flora from Kim:
A peeling madrone

A leafy plant

Chicago, Illinois from Divajood:
Botanical Gardens Japanese Garden Island
Tennessee from Yankee Transfer:
Overton Park in Memphis, the largest virgin forest in a city in the U.S.

Massachusetts from CCorax:
Beaver Pond
Virginia from Evan:
A red panda cub rescue
Florida from Peacechick Mary:
Stunning blue sky vine
Bromiliads like eternal flames
My friend Matlock, the great white egret who stands by and listens to me rattle on about whatever is on my mind.

Thanks to all who sent us these beautiful looks at their states.
What are your state secrets? Send them to us, and we'll post them next week.

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