Saturday, October 21, 2006

Good Planets Are Hard to Find 10/21

It is a pleasure to look at these photographs and see for a moment what others have seen through their viewfinder. From the quiet buffalo in Yellowstone to a tiny Paper Kite perched on an orchid; from still-blooming roses to changing leaf color; water everywhere and buildings outlined against a perfect sky. The planet is ever changing and always, always beautiful.

Kara's Yellowstone

CCorax's Yellow-rumped warbler on the ground
and perched on a branch

Dawn's Turkey Vulture

Pam's Paper Kite

Tara's Rose

Sonia's Rain of Gold

Pam's Orchid

Kerrdelune's Sumac

and Oak Leaves

Kathy A's Palm at night

Nio's Old Hill

Paul's Grand Tetons

Dawn's McCalister Creek at Nisqually

Yankee Transferred's Courtyard in spring

and winter

Divajood's Big Bear

mandt's Bennington, Vt

Steve's Taos, NM
Can you believe the views we've just seen! We thank every one of the contributors to this week's Good Planets. What they have shared reminds us what a stunning planet we live on. Each week's peek is a view we have not seen before, and we are grateful for that view.

We are hosting Good Planets next weekend, and then Pam of Tortoise Trail has graciously agreed to host Good Planets for four weekends in November. If you'd like to host Good Planets on Saturdays in December on your blog, please let us know. Thanks to everyone for loving the planet as much as we do.

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