Saturday, October 07, 2006


it's picture sharing day again. we're breaking with what small tradition we have of putting the pictures in order of receipt. this is a thematic presentation. from the sea to the shore, the intersection of water and land, and then on to land. i have added my own comments in blue text. we'll begin a bit outside the theme, although the island floats in the sea of fog. we are honored to pass on kathy c's remembrance of her friend.

Kathy C. from Minnesota sent this photo:
This is the Hamm’s Bear Island, Burntside Lake, Ely, Minnesota (remember the Hamm’s beer commercials?). But now it is also the site where we scattered Emily’s ashes after her death from breast cancer at 38. Every time I see the lake with the sun shining on it, at the angle to form a half circle, it makes me think of Emily’s dazzling smile. She lived joyfully, even during her cancer years. Every day, she chose joy. That was her gift to the world, and it is how she inspires me.

beginning our theme now, here is some aquatic life.

Dawn sent this photo of a river otter, from a day on the olympic peninsula

Seavu sent this photo of the Jersey coast, because she remembered that here is where Robin spent many a good summer day.

i can see a little girl running over the dunes.

Gary sent this photo of the na pali coast on kauai.

Tara sent the photo of the Capitola, Ca coast.

this is the coast of my childhood. i fished off the pier (make the picture large). i swam along the coast. i played in the waves. also the coast of my nominal adulthood. robin and i lived for 5 years in a tiny upstairs apartment overlooking that pier and monterey bay.

Our neighbors John and Vicki just returned from three weeks in Bali and sent this photo of a sunrise there.

so there we have coasts from jersey to bali. now we go ashore.

kathy a sent this photo of african iris or fortnight daisy.

Kim sent us the roosevelt elk (below) and quaking aspen (above) in Basin, Mt.

Dawn sent this photo from the cascade foothills of a red breasted sapsucker.

yankee transfer sent this photo:
One of the benefits of living in the South is the proliferation of variegated Monkey Grass. This is the border of our front garden, along the walk up to our porch.

another photo from gary. a waterfall on kauai.

here's a monkey in bali, courtesy of john and vicki.

Carol sent these photos from the southern cal desert:
I tried to decide where to take my house guest visiting from Tahiti that would be a real treat for her. She had never been to the desert and was very delighted in the beauty found in springtime.

another from john and vicki. terraced rice paddies in bali.

Susannah sent this photo of the "gardener" posing with some Oregon Grape.


thanks again to all who sent pictures.

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