Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Coldest Day Ever

We have been surprised by how the snow pulls us outside to play.
No matter how cold it is, we go. We walked down to the creek in the morning even though the thermometer still said 20 F (-6 C) at 9:30. We don't have proper footgear for this kind of trudging around on icy terrain, but we didn't let that stop us. Two pairs of socks, one heavy wool, helped keep us warm-ish. I had slight case of frostbite 20 years ago, so I tend to be very cautious about these things. (Actually the doctor said I had chilblains. For a moment I thought I had become a character in a 19th century british novel.) The only treatment was to exercise that one poor toe until it was back in the pink. It took a while, but it definitely came back.
So we bundled up, put on the boots we had warming up in front of the heater, and hked down to the creek. It was as beautiful as we hoped it would be. Quiet too.
We walked up through the trees and along the top of the bluff and found a pair of eagles in a snag above the water. We heard them before we saw them, whistling and trilling to each other. They looked so grand sitting there, with Port Townsend behind them and the bay at their feet.

Kate Wolf sang, "Days like flowers bloom and fade, and they do not come again. We only have these times we're living in."

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