Friday, November 17, 2006

The Deer and the Golden Delicious

I think I hear "merci"
It started out the way most things do, innocently. I had no plans to feed the deer. I was cleaning up the orchard, collecting all the fallen, rotten apples. Some I put on the northside of the house, others I just tossed over the fence. One day there were two piles of golden delicious apples, the next day they were gone. I gathered another pile and threw them out. The next day that pile was gone.

I knew some critter would eat them, but I did not plan to feed the deer. I planned to clean the yard, the deer got fed in the process. One day I went out and the doe and a yearling were there by the fence. They watched me gather the apples. I watched them watch me. I think deer should always be spoken to in french. It has something to do with their eyes. I say, "Bonjour deer, comment vas tu aujourd'hui ? Vous avez de beaux yeux". They look at me. They like hearing the softness of french. I can tell. I toss the apples over the fence. I say, "Ces pommes sont pour vous." They walk away slowly. They stop and look over their shoulders. I wave at them and say "Bon appetit, mes amis."

I know it's wrong to feed the deer, but that's what happened. Je suis désolé.

It's Friday, and you know what that means. It's time to send your beautiful photos to Pam at Tortoise Trail. She's hosting Good Planets this month, and she'd like your photos by 9:00 pm central time Friday night. If you've got a photograph that depicts the beauty of our earth, please sent it to tortoisetrail at gmail dot com. Thanks everyone, and have a great weekend.

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