Thursday, November 30, 2006

Good Planets Update

A winter sky over a winter yard-- Sundown 4:00 pm
Roger and I started Good Planets last August after a dear friend of his living in Australia sent us a wonderful photo of a lorikeet. We wanted to post her photo, and then it occurred to us that it might be a good idea to invite other folks to submit their photos. We didn't plan on starting a "carnival," we just love looking at photos of our beautiful planet. We thought it could be enlightening to turn our blog over on Saturdays (since we weren't using it!) for photos that depicted the beauty of our earth.

We were absolutely delighted with the results, and now Good Planets has its own Flickr site, thanks to the incredible work and diligence of Pam at Tortoise Trail. She uploaded all 264 photos with quotes and attribution, in easy accessible sets. It was quite a labor of love, and we are absolutely grateful for her generosity of spirit and time. I hope you will go over and take a look. It's quite a sight to see all the photos assembled in one place. The artistry is magnificent and the views of earth absolutely stunning.

For the month of December, divajood has graciously agreed to host Good Planets on her blog Journeys with Jood. I hope you will send her a photo or two of the beauty you see outside your windows, on your trails, in your yard, or anyplace else you take a good long look around. Send your photos to jkblue at cox dot net for Saturday's post.

We'd like to express our gratitude to everyone who has contributed to Good Planets. Our lives have been enriched by what you see. A special note of heartfelt thanks to Pam for hosting in November and sending Good Planets into the stratosphere, and to divajood for her willingness to take it on.

If you're interested in hosting Good Planets in January (or any month!) please let us know.

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