Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

The Olympic Peninsula and western Washington have been slammed by a very powerful storm. There are trees down and power outages everywhere. We went out Wednesday morning to a dentist appointment about 30 miles away. Amazing journey. Winds gusting and leaves flying. Rains battering everything. Yet, on the entire journey we saw this beautiful rainbow. So, here's the best of Wednesday. We're without power and there is no telling when it will be back. Our laptops are running out of battery power. Roger rigged one of our old electric bike batteries as backup on our dsl modem, so we are at least not having to use our dial-up connection. But we're sitting with candles and the waning light of our laptops.
So, we'll be back when the power permits!

Thursday morning update: The power was restored at midnight. We had phoned Puget Sound Energy late Wednesday afternoon and were told power would be back for most people by Thursday and maybe some on Friday. We thought we'd be the Friday people because we are pretty out of the way.
We're thinking about buying a generator. Now that we're growing and freezing a lot of our food, we contemplated a big loss if the power was not restored within a reasonable time. We've never had a generator so anyone out there with recommendations, we'd love to hear it. We've also been talking about how to live off the grid. We didn't build this crazy, big modern house we're living in, and in many ways it doesn't lend itself easily to new ideas, and certainly not without a lot of money to invest in it.
The sun is shining brightly this morning. We haven't seen it for days. We'll probably go out for a hike at some point, and take a good look at how this recent storm changed the landscape. We read this morning that Seattle has gotten twice as much rain already as it typically gets for the month of November. It's interesting to consider that on the heals of the hottest and driest summer. Makes me think of global climate change, how about you?

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