Thursday, December 21, 2006

Beta been bery bery bad

We tried to migrate over to (beta) blogger. It was supposed to be relatively painless, and had I not changed my nom de blog from Rexroth's Daughter (who as it turns out is the queen administrator of Dharma Bums) to Robin Andrea, it might have been a smooth transition. But you know how hard it is to live with multiple personalities, well blogger has a hard time too. Who is Robin Andrea and just how many blogs does she have? Well, three, but only one has a public persona. Yes, well, that may very well be true, but Robin Andrea can not access Dharma Bums from the new blogger, but has unfettered access to the other blog where she has never posted, ever. That's a nice touch, don't you think?
It's really not a big deal. We didn't really have anything earth-shattering to report here on our blog. Winter is finally here. It happens at 4:20 pm (PST) today. We'll celebrate it in our usual fashion. A glass of wine and a toast to the return of the sun. From now until June, we will watch it make an ever bigger sweep across our skies. It barely tops our trees right now. By June it will be lighting the skies at 10:00 pm. We can wait. Short days have their beauty. The angle of the sun through the trees, and the clouds as they break over the Olympics provide some of the most beautiful light we've ever seen. It seems a fair trade for a longer night.

Another windstorm is bearing down on us. We still didn't buy the generator and hope we won't regret our procrastination. We took advantage of a break in the weather and walked down to the creek Wednesday. The wind was relentless through the trees. The tall pines swayed and bent so far, they looked like they were made of things other than wood. Their suppleness is a surprise.

Reminds us that we live on such a Good Planet. If you've got a photo that depicts the beauty of our earth, please send it to divajood of Journeys with Jood. Her email is jkblue at cox dot net. Divajood is hosting for the next two Saturdays in December. And if you're planning on sending something in January, Good Planets is being hosted by the wonderful Laura of Somewhere in NJ. Her UPDATED email is lc-hardy at comcast dot net. So, take a good look around and see what the planet has to offer. Take a photo. Send it to Good Planets. It's that easy.

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