Monday, December 04, 2006

the garden in winter

the snow came and settled in for a while. these pics were taken saturday morn. the snow has been here since the previous sunday.

the big view. with a silhoutte of the photographer. kinda boring. the snow on the roof of the greenhouse is great insulation. keeps the inside safe from the heat of the sun.

kale, reportedly sweeter after a freeze. this should be like candy by now. we'll be having kale and coconut some night soon.

can't beet these.

a broccoli flower.

datil pepper update: i brought the two plants in from the greenhouse before the first freeze. they were, unfortunately, infested with whiteflies. the red bell pepper plants and the datils were both heavily infested while in the greenhouse. i cleaned them daily. i tried to clean the datils in the house. i gave up after several weeks, not wanting the pests to spread to our other plants. i have more seeds.

i'm finishing this post sunday evening as the sun sets. the temp outside is a balmy 35 F. the snow still blankets the ground.

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