Wednesday, December 06, 2006

kale and coconut

we don't have recipes here. we have a list of ingredients. i'll add some commentary. the picture above is raw stuff from the snow-covered garden, including a large beet, which was peeled, sliced, and diced and steamed. below is the kale after the big stems in the leaves have been cut out and then the remainder chopped, medium fine. also some chopped red bell pepper.

so. the red pepper goes into a hot skillet with some olive oil. after a bit the kale goes in. when it has cooked down a bit some shredded coconut goes in. let this all saute for a while--while stirring. add some dry vermouth. water also works. just a dash. put a cover on. let it steam. taste it. salt? pepper? sugar? the kale should be tender. it won't get limp ever, far as i can tell.

we're also having rice, cooked with raisins and sliced turmeric root (the orange bits in the rice, which should be removed before serving). oh yeah, and a chicken curry. we took the quick route to the curry: thai kitchen brand green curry paste and coconut milk added to sauteed chicken and onions. the beets have salt and pepper and a dash of olive oil. and we each got a cherry tomato from our more-than-one year old plant!

bon apetit

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