Friday, December 22, 2006

mo' beta blues

robin, using her superior computer skills, "migrated" our blog to beta new improved blogger. so now, when i log into "old" blogger i'm told that dharma bums has been moved to new blogger...."learn more" it entices me with a clickable link. so i get this:

"Team members who have not yet switched to the new version will still see the blog on their dashboards, but it will be grayed out and inaccessible. Once those members move their own accounts to the new version of Blogger, they will be able to access the blog as before."

okay. how do i do that? not a clue is offered. ok, blogger is free, what do i expect for nothing. we do all get to blog fairly well, thank you google. are you a team member of a blog whose "owner" has moved the blog? have you figured out how to move your account? HELP! por favor. sil vous plait. buenos dias. merci.

robin suggested that i take over the rexroth's daughter identity, and change the display name to roger, kinda like a brain transplant.

don't forget those photos for "good planets." send them to divajood of journeys with jood whose email is jkblue at cox dot net.


update-a-roony!!!! we have managed to get the two of us listed as contributors, sans extra identities, up there near the top. all the rest is out of sight and out of mind. so far. except that robin andrea is listed as "posted by" in the little caption just below, and clearly it is the shift key slacker. residue of the identity switch.

happy holidays, all of them.

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