Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Page 123 Book Meme

Okay, we've been asked by both oldwhitelady of It's Morning Somewhere and Peacechick Mary of Knock Knock to do the Page 123, 5th Sentence book meme. Even though we are seriously meme phobic, we thought we'd comply because we are utterly bereft of stimulating ideas for a serious blog post.

So, Roger's most recent read was Quantum Enigma by Bruce Rosenbloom and Fred Kuttner. His meme contribution is this:

He's now setting up to do the same thing with mid-sized proteins. At a recent conference he was asked: "What's the limit?" His answer: "Only budget."

I like the question. It reminds me of the question asked of Dan Rather before he was hit on the head by an assailant, many years ago: "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" Yes, indeed what is the frequency? What is the limit?

My meme response is from a book of poetry by Maude Meehan entitled Washing the Stones. It is the fifth set of lines in her poem called Further Questions:

This person who carries
age and pain in her face,
whose black-winged hair
has turned the colour of your bones,
whose body has doubled,
will you know me?

I see a pattern in our meme. Today is a day of questions, for which we have no answers. What's the limit? What's the frequency? Will you know me? Perhaps tomorrow.

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