Saturday, December 16, 2006


The storm approaches, Wednesday 3:30 pm
Our friends and family have been emailing and leaving comments asking about the storm. We were spared the brunt of it, but did have quite a lot of rain and fierce winds on Thursday. The Hood Canal Bridge, which is about 20 miles from us had winds at 74 mph.
Hood Canal Bridge, world's longest floating bridge in a salt-water tidal basin
We were lucky. We never lost power, although there was a lot of flickering lights and hints that it could go out at any moment.
The storm finally passes, Friday 9:44 am
Friday was very calm.

We'd like to take a moment to join Wayne and FloridaCracker in sending our best wishes to the Roundrock family Pablo, Libby, and the kids. Libby had heart surgery on Tuesday and Pablo cut his trip to Africa short (where he was visiting their son Seth who is in the Peace Corp) to come home and be by her side. We've been reading Roundrock for quite a while now, and Pablo's family has become dear virtual friends. We wish Libby a speedy and full recovery.

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