Monday, January 08, 2007

The Lettering of the World

We went out and walked along the beach on Sunday. It was a low tide, but not a minus tide, so we encountered and climbed under and over these fallen limbs, trunks, and trees that had been laid low by erosion, wind, and time. The entire mile of beach was covered like this. Most of these views were taken looking back at where we had just been. We returned the way we had arrived. It took hours.

We're avoiding politics right now. We're waiting for the first hundred hours before we have something to say. But in case anyone is wondering: We don't think there should be a surge, but see fully the politics behind the calculations. We didn't think we could despise Bush any more than we do, but we do. We are looking forward to full congressional oversight. We are ecstatic to see the first woman Speaker of the House. We're waiting to see if we get our country back. What do you think? Will we?

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