Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snow and a Snowjob

After all the weather reports bellowed about an oncoming storm, we woke to clear skies in the east and bright sunlight in the yard.
Morning 9:00 am
We took the blue sky as an invitation to walk along Port Townsend Bay, where we photographed Redtail Hawks and juvenile Bald Eagles as they circled and hunted from a clear blue sky.
RedTail Hawk at 11:13 am
Juvenile Bald Eagle at 11:31 am
When we arrived home the long-awaited snow began to fall.
Afternoon 1:06pm
It snowed all afternoon. The flakes were as big as quarters. Wet and heavy.
Afternoon 3:27 pm
By sunset the yard was a frost blue. It looked like the snow would be coming down for a while.
Sundown 4:41 pm

At 6:00 pm the President spoke. Roger watched it the way he watched David of Six Feet Under being tortured and abused. It took his nerves of steel to listen to Bush ask for one more chance, after all these years, to have an opportunity to exercise the mistakes of his vision. Bush reminds me of a child who pushes every button and every limit, and then begs for permission to have one more chance. The thing that bugs me the most about him is his straight-faced lies. I just read the other day that western oil companies stand to take 75% of all the Iraqi oil profits over the next three decades. It's a bill before Iraq's Parliament. Check it out.

So our long day ended with snow and a snowjob.

Good Planets Reminder!!
I hope you have been saving your spectacular good planet shots to send to January's host, the incomparable Laura of Somewhere in NJ. Please send her your photos depicting the beauty of our planet for this Saturday's Good Planets. Her email is lc-hardy at comcast dot net. Thanks everyone!

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