Thursday, February 08, 2007

datil peppers now?

datil pepper seedlings, with thumb for scale

when we thought we were going to be gone for a month, before sanity prevailed, we rigged a plant sanctuary in our guest bathroom. we put the cherry tomato and basil seedlings on a box in the bathtub under an HPS (high pressure sodium) yard light, and set up a drip watering system. they have done reasonably well and have been moved to the house to live, lit by the sun in south facing windows. eager to see if my remaining datil seeds are still viable, i put several in starting soil and found space under the light for them.

that was a month ago. you can see how well they are faring. but now what? warm weather, even in the greenhouse, is months away. i am not good at thinning carrots or other vegetables. i will tuck extra starts in anywhere rather than let them die. some of you gardeners may be like wise afflicted. now i have tropical pepper plants. move over tomatoes.

here is one of the cherry tomato plants, complete with cherry tomatoes.

we bought some seeds. the peas will be planted outside soon. the carrots and broccoli and beets will be sown under a tunnel cloche. the rest will wait for warmer weather. yes, we will be buying more varieties of seed.

garlic. planted last fall. these shoots were up before we had snow. they went through weeks of freezing nights, down to 20F, and many days of 31F. tough plants. tasty too.


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