Friday, February 09, 2007

Leaving the World Behind

I don't know why, but I often want to start our Friday posts with: It's been a quiet week here at Lake Wobegone. I guess because it really has been quiet--days and days with no visible horizon. The clouds and fog moved in again, and we spent most of the week under a low-hanging ceiling of uniform gray, and a view that barely took in the boundaries of our property. Yes, it's slowly driving us crazy, but we slog on-- and who would notice anyway?
I spent a good part of the week reading a fine mystery novel The Liar's Diary written by fellow blogger, Patry Francis of Simply Wait. I don't usually read mysteries, but was so pleasantly surprised and drawn in by this engrossing and interesting story. Patry keeps you guessing all the way through, and the roller coaster ride of clues, details, and intrigue makes this a truly gripping whodunit. I give it five stars***** and two thumbs up!

I made myself put the book down, though, so we could leave the house and get out on one of our favorite trails. Even on the grimmest days, a walk along Chimacum Creek lifts our spirits. I told Roger that I don't know how I could put up with the news of the world, if I didn't have these fine sights to assuage my battered spirit. I wish I didn't take the world so seriously, but I do.
So, we walked and watched many water birds gather in the creek. Glad to see them in such numbers. While we watched them fly in from all directions, a coyote appeared on the other side of the creek. I thought for sure it would charge in after the birds, but it just sauntered along, until it was joined by another coyote. The two of them strolled a bit, sniffing under logs and low branches, before heading up into the hills.
It's why we walk out of our house, even on the dreariest of winter days. We look around, waiting for something to catch our eyes and pull us out from under the fog. We leave the world of news behind, of wars and tragedies, of trials and thieves, of presidential campaigns and netroots bloggers. We leave it all to come into the world where the wild things are.
I hope you have remembered to send your splendid good planets photo to Susannah at dccnet dot com. This week's theme is "earth." I like it. Check out Wanderin' Weeta for details.

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