Friday, February 23, 2007

my tech support comes through

back in december i asked for a bit of help with a microsoft access database program i am creating for the local affiliate of habitat for humanity to account for mortgage payments. if all the mortgagees paid their exact coupon amount due every month data entry would be so simple. alas, there are under and over payments so i had to assemble balance due amounts and nominal coupon amounts on a form and then enter the actual check amount and have access allot the dollars among principal and taxes and insurance and post that entry.

anyway.....i was stuck. my wonderful tech support--you, or some of you--offered the right blend of expertise and encouragement. i thank you. my successor in this volunteer bookkeeping gig will thank you. jimmy carter would thank you if he knew of your contribution to the success of the local habitat for humanity organization. the picture above is a screen shot of the main menu. of course you don't know if there is anything behind it. there is. all the data is up to date and all of it agrees with the functional but basic spreadsheet system i inherited.

this project has been a major time-suck. i won't whine (well, maybe a bit) about access being not merely user-unfriendly, but actually arcane. robin has been an "access widow," kinda like other wives are "golf widows." it has had, however, the positive aspect of filling up my thoughts and leaving scant room for contemplating the stark reality of our culture, our country, and our planet all disintegrating. britney's shaved head, anna nicole's dead body, our constitution's demise, and the worldwide retreat of glaciers, to say nothing of the pre-pre-pre-mature start of the next presidential election were all shoved aside for the nonce while i wrestled with access. please, pretty please bill gates, buy filemaker. oh, better yet, don't. just make access easier to use.

Susannah of Wanderin' Weeta is hosting Good Planets for the last time this Saturday. The final elemental theme is "fire." Please sent your fiery photos to susannah at dccnet dot com. The following edition after that will be March 10th at Bev's Burning Silo.

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