Friday, February 02, 2007

Spring in Winter

We're ignoring the avalanche of bad and crazy news coming out of Washington, DC and Paris. Well, really we're not ignoring it, we're just not going to comment on it. We have nothing profound to add. You know us and how we feel about the times we're living in. So here it is Friday, and we've just had a week of the most beautiful weather since November. It felt like spring, a true respite. Time for some pics and haiku.
rascally squirrel
eating last year's dried berries
amid thorny vines
treetop hunter waits
hopes something will shake loose, that
rascally squirrel

Don't forget to send your Good Planets photos to Susannah of Wanderin Weeta. Her email is susannah at dccnet dot com. We've added Good Planets carnival to Blog Carnival and have that very fine reminder in our sidebar. Check it out. Also check out the Flickr site to see the stunning gallery of photos that have been submitted since August. It's an ongoing celebration of our good earth. I hope you'll send something beautiful to Susannah. Thanks everyone, and have a great weekend.

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