Thursday, March 22, 2007

Blowin' in the wind

We took a minus tide walk Wednesday. The wind was blowing something fierce. This caught our eyes. Even from a distance it looked like death; and it was. How does a gull end up like this? I imagined an eagle perched on this barnacle- and mussel-ladened branch, feasting on it. What it left behind hangs mournfully and blows in the wind. Did you ever see the movie Jeremiah Johnson? That's what I pictured as soon as I saw these feathers. The remnants of a funeral pyre. (Please click on each photo to really see what we saw.)

In the other world, the one where Bush is still the boy-President, we've been rather pleased by the turn of events. Actually we feel as giddy as we did during the days of Watergate. Oh please, we beseech the nameless and godless power of the universe, take down this boy-President and shame him in the eyes of the world. Let him hang like the eagles have had their way with him, until all that's left is his sorrow.

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