Thursday, April 05, 2007

One Bird, Again

Last year we noticed an injured robin in our yard. He was injured in the sense that he had a foreign object protruding from his chest that went all through and out his back. We saw him all summer long. We wrote about him last June in a post called Our Robin. We are glad to say that we noticed him back in the yard the other day. He is still our special robin, an individual bird among many outstanding individuals, and we are especially pleased to see that he survives so well under these circumstances.

Isn't he a beauty? He reminds us that some living things endure so much. Sometimes they're lucky and their chests swell with life, even when they are broken and punctured. Would that we all could live so well with such burdens.

Can anyone out there identify the little flowers behind the robin in the first pic? They grow everywhere in our yard, and I have not been able to identify what they are.

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