Monday, April 02, 2007

Seeds in Spring

The birds are wild with song and sex. All around our yard and on the trails, there's happy singing and feathers fanning. Their preening elegance knows no bounds. Soon there will be nests.
We have been out and about. There have been a few sunny days. Not enough to make up for the months and months of dreary bleakness-- but still we saw our own shadows, and we didn't run and hide. There are blossoms on the fruit trees and veggie starts in the greenhouse. The promise of a future always begins like this.
We are heartened by the seeds of change taking root in Washington. A Democratic congress is finally using its power of checks and balances. We heard Henry Waxman described as a bulldog, who, once he has a hold of your pant leg is not going to let go. He's got a few very interesting pant legs in his jaws. His relentless tenacity holds a promise. This is very good and interesting. We feel the new winds blowing in Washington, blowing the dust off of the old stories and the new. We feel optimistic and hopeful, but that could very well be the simple result of the ultraviolets streaming into our psyches.
Are you basking in the ultraviolets of spring and planting seeds out there? What do you think will happen with the US Attorney scandal? Do you think Gonzales will resign? Do you know if Monica Goodling ever passed the bar exam? Will Karl Rove and Harriet Miers testify under oath? Will we bomb Iran this month? These are the questions the winds of spring swirl in the dust of seeds.

(If you are going to click on any of these pics, click on the Great Blue Heron. It's a color photo, but it looks so much like black and white.)

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