Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Green Day

Tuesday was a green day. Roger, Lynn, and I (we left my mom home to nurse her injured knee) took a minus tide walk at Fort Townsend. The tide was a -1.7 at 9:20 am. We hit the beach at 9:00 and started walking. We had taken my sister to this same beach at high tide just the day before. We wanted her to see the tidal changes. It's quite spectacular, sometimes a difference of up to 12 feet.

Tuesday was simply a summer day in spring. Even in the morning, the temps were already in the 70s. The sky was cloudless. All we could hear was the small lapping of water on the shore and the far off sound of a motor on a boat across the bay. Every now and then a Kingfisher chattered before he leapt from some fallen shoreline tree and headed out to grab one of the tiny silvery fish that broke the surface of bay.
Tuesday was the day we saw a green-throated loon. We googled every combination of words we could conceive of to see what type of loon this mght be. We settled on an Arctic Loon in breeding plumage, but we're not really certain. Our favorite advisor about these things, Dawn, told us that it could be a Common Loon. Who knows? It is a beauty.
Tuesday evening we had dinner outside for the first time since last summer. We had homemade barbecued veggie burgers, broccoli, and rice. Just as we were finishing up, I noticed a spider by the empty broccoli dish. I ran for the camera and took a close-up of its face. It was green. We think it may be a Phidippus clarus-- a jumping spider. When Roger leaned over to take a better look, we watched the spider turn its green face and eyes to take a good look at him. It was truly a priceless moment.

On our beautiful green Tuesday, Jerry Falwell died while we were watching eagles fly and green-throated loons dive for food.

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