Monday, July 09, 2007

And Now, Our Moments of Zen

One of the many things we love about Jon Stewart is that he ends his show with a "moment of zen." Such a great idea, one that we've incorporated into our lives, almost every time we go outside and take a look around.
It's wasn't so much this small bunny we saw on the way to mailbox, which in and of itself was as sweet and unassuming as all bunnies moments are, but it was the sky reflected in the bunny's eye, and upon a closer look in Photoshop, Roger and me there too.
It wasn't so much the bolted lettuce that should have been pulled weeks ago, long after the leaves were too bitter for the salads, but it was the hidden junco nest Roger found at the base of the lettuce plants when he went to pull them, and the innocence of three tiny eggs.
It's wasn't so much about going outside to photograph the bolted lettuce and the straw mulch that we spread around a bit to fool the raccoons and crows, but it was the osprey that sailed quietly over the garden, the lettuce, the nest, heading east to the bay.

It was Roger catching the raccoon "red-handed" on top of the very heavy flat rock that creates the waterfall in our litte pond, after finding it crashed down into the pond three times, and replacing it three times. Do you think the raccoon did it, we had asked each other?

It was yesterday's New York Times editorial calling for the US withdrawal from Iraq, and Frank Rich's op ed calling Bush "A Profile in Cowardice." Ah moments of zen shared with many readers around the world.

It was the real estate agent coming into to the house the other day, walking through the front door into the living room, looking around and saying, "Very zen."


Have you had any moments of zen lately?

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