Friday, July 13, 2007

Hot Enough for Impeachment?

Doesn't it just figure that the week we decide to get the house ready to put on the market, the temperatures soar off the charts? Did we make the gods angry or what? Seattle hit a record-breaking 98F on Wednesday. I was out painting the front porch and cursing all the global climate change naysayers. No wonder everyone says hell is hot. It certainly felt hellish to me. Our kitty cat Bonsai found the coolest space he could, stretched out on the tile floor. No such languid stretching for me or Roger, it's all work work work.
While I was painting the posts on the south side of the house, I noticed a little someone watching me. I wonder what Blanche's little nestling makes of all this crazy activity. This little one is quite the charmer. She only hides when we let the cat out, or when other juvenile Violet- green Swallows come and do fly-bys.
Her parents are so good to her. They fly around all day long bringing her all sorts of yummy insects. I've seen them out at dusk, swooping and swirling, catching the last of the day's meals.
While I was photographing the baby, beautiful Blanche came by and brought a snack. I think she is really looking good, and she's turned out to be such an attentive mom. I hope she comes back next year. If all goes well, we won't be here, but it's been a good yard for her to successfully raise her offspring.

While we're out working, I'm always looking around, but I also listen to Air America on the radio. I'll say this: The talk almost all day on Thursday was about impeaching the President. It was serious talk, and it was hard not to do a happy dance up on the ladder, but I was definitely only dancing on the inside. I heard someone say that the President doesn't even have to break the law to be impeached. He just needs to be incompetent. I think Bush has long since met that benchmark. It's past time to go, George, and please take Cheney with you. Everyday that you are in office I miss my good county and my Constitution.

And, finally, I know I've been remiss about Good Planets this month, and I apologize to SBGypsy who is hosting it. Please, if you have a beautiful photo that captures something special about our earth, please send it on Friday to sbgypsy AT hotmail DOT com.

Thanks, everyone, and have a great weekend.

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