Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Liminal Stages

We've been off on a million tangents because in all things real-estate related, one thing always leads to another. Imperfections are primed, painted, polished, and primped. It's what we do now. See that faucet, make it shine. See that weed, pull it. What's with that dusty surface, that lint on the bedspread, the water spots on the mirror, bits of fuzz on the rug? Banish them at once.

Our house is now in a liminal stage. We live in it, but the house exists on the internet with a life of its own. It is reaching out to prospective buyers. It is trying to entice people with its sun-infused skylights, its expansive space, its beautiful gardens. We merely tend to its needs. Master and servant have traded places. The house commands. We obey.

We did permit ourselves the time to watch the Democratic debate on CNN, and were quite impressed with the format. I think our fellow citizens ask much more inventive and smart questions than the journalists who are typically given that high honor. It was refreshing and interesting to hear people like you and me ask the things that are on our minds. I suddenly felt encouraged to make a youtube video for the Republican debate. I have few questions I'd like to ask them-- about habeas corpus, executive privilege, checks and balances in the three branches of government. How about you, if you were going to ask the Republican candidates a question, what would it be?

Other than that, it's been rainy and cloudy for over a week, much like the endless winter only warmer. The garden is pretty happy about it though, giving us substantial bounties of cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, and lettuce. We've frozen a lot of pesto and raspberries too.

Did I ever photograph things that were not house related? Hard to imagine.

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