Monday, August 27, 2007

The Nature of Nature

I look out the window and see a spotted towhee fleeing the clutches of this cooper's hawk, which is quite literally on its tail. They fly madly into the camellia bush, and I wonder what the towhee might have to say about the nature of nature and illusion.
The heron arrives and stands like a practitioner of Tai Chi at the edge of the pond. Each move a picture of practiced grace. The goldfish are silent and unmoving beneath the water lilies. Their ability to stay focused though, a tad shorter than the heron's.
The juvenile hawk and heron hunt our yard at the same time. So, I take down the bird feeder and put a net over the pond. There are other places for them to learn their skills. I don't have to make it quite so easy for them, do I?

Nothing wants to be prey
This I know looking out my window

(BTW-- I couldn't believe I saw the heron on the workshop roof with the hawk in the tree right behind it. Wow!)

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