Friday, September 14, 2007

What We Did Instead

We're writing this at ten minutes to six on Thursday night in the pacific time zone. We're wondering if we should watch the crazy man that is the president speak? We know we'll be lied to. We know he has no intention to tell us why 160,000 troops should be in Iraq doing something that costs them their lives at the tune of 60 per month, a small price according to John Boehner. Should we actually watch him one more time?
Or should we go out into the garden and photograph metallic green bees, or try to identify the green flying insect we saw on our walk today? (Bev, any clues?)
Should we review this small inconsequential video we shot on Thursday of a heron walking in the fog? (Listen for the fog horn, in the beginning and at the end, a sound of the foggy coast.)

Or maybe we should just go out into the garage to see how the fantastic pewter-looking lizard is faring? (Rather well, there were two when we checked. BTW, these are very small lizards, about three inches from head to tip of tail.)
We agree, yes, let's do all of these things before we look at the smirking vacuous face. We'll do all of that, and if he is still talking, we'll go and shovel the compost from one bin to the other before we ever listen.
Ah, the fog lifts, and it's quite beautiful beneath.
Here's a short update on Roger's health. His echocardiogram showed that he has a "slight diastolic dysfunction." The diastolic is the lower number in blood pressure. The systolic measures the heart in contraction, and the diastolic measures the heart when it relaxes. Roger's diastolic measurement shows that his heart doesn't relax as much as it should. So, he has an appointment next Thursday to talk with the doctor about how to proceed. We'll keep you posted.

Have a great weekend, friends. We'll be back on Monday.

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