Wednesday, October 10, 2007


one more post about peppers.............

we harvested our datil peppers. wow. while we could see that the bushes had a lot of little fruits, we didn't expect that there would be a pound and a half. and we left quite a few smaller ones. luckily for us the multi-talented FC posted this recipe, complete with pictures, for datil relish.

i do fancy myself a cook so of course i used his mother's recipe as a guide instead of fixed, immutable instructions.

my recipe (and of course, feel free to improvise):

one can tomato paste
one pint apple cider vinegar
3 Large garlic cloves
one large onion
sugar (maybe a half cup)
some water
about a dozen 2-3 inch datil peppers (seeded, while wearing gloves)

i put the onion, garlic, and peppers through a small food mill, maybe the same kind as FC's. the whole thing cooked for at least an hour. i did follow the instructions for sterilizing the jars and lids in boiling water. i also think that the acidity of the tomato paste and the vinegar, as well as the sugar, should retard spoilage.

we tasted the finished product. quel surprise! the spoon didn't melt! we have a little over a pint of relish. it will last a long time. a little dab'l do ya. tasty! and muy picante! we had some with dinner, a dish of dal and rice called kichari.

we have more than a pound of peppers left. we're going to freeze some and dry some. anyone want some? could we send dangerously hot peppers through the mail? send us an e-mail if you want some. a hint for anyone wanting to grow these interesting peppers. six plants is overkill.

thanks again FC, for the seeds and the story of your family's part in datil propagation.

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