Friday, October 12, 2007

Drawn to Life's Underbelly

Lately I've been focussing on the underbelly of life. You might not think that's good thing, but...

when it presents itself pressed right up against the window
or hangs on the field fencing in the early fall rains,
or turns its butt end up defensively on the gravel path where we walk
or barely holds on with the last bit of life...

I find it hard to look away. In fact I get as close as I can and put the camera even closer to get a good look at that beautiful underbelly of life.

Although, I do draw the line at this dark, sordid, and seamy side...
Ewww, that's just plain nasty. Funny though.

Monday is Environmental Blogging Day, so we'll be posting something in honor of the day. Have a great weekend, friends.

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