Wednesday, November 21, 2007

words and a picture, with a graphic update

i am overwhelmed by the sympathy and buoyed by the good wishes from our readers. i owe you all a good story and you shall have it when things are resolved, which may happen today. i am not feeling pain. i see why rush limbaugh likes percocet, or whatever flavor of oxycodone he went for.

here's a picture (of a picture) of me, in my younger and healthier days, and my siblings and an unknown little girl (on the left) on the beach here in capitola in what must be 1953. that's me in back, my sister (style leader that she is, topless on the beach) on the right, and my two brothers in front. the buildings in the background are all still there, now transformed from tacky bars and arcades and boathouses into chi-chi bars and restaurants.

it is fun to be back here, though i'm not such a beach person anymore.

The medical update: We're waiting for a call from a surgeon to find out what yesterday's CT scan shows, if there will be a need for surgery, and if so will it be done in the office, or in the hospital OR. Percocet has restored Roger to his pain-free self. Yay!

another update: the surgeon informed us at 3pm on wednesday that i have (well, as of now, had) a large abscess in the wall of my colon which required immediate attention. at 7pm i had successful surgery in the OR. the hardest part to endure was after the procedure waiting for the epidural (saddle block) to wear off. very strange feeling, er, non-feeling. no sensation or muscle control from my belly button on down. robin brought me home at midnight. i slept well and feel fine now. mmmmmm percocet. the procedure involved lancing and draining the abscess. no new apertures in my body were created. don't use your imagination.

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