Friday, February 22, 2008

A Silence For Now

My mom called the other day to tell us, "you haven't updated your blog in a while." I know. I know. We have had nothing to say. We're waiting for a series of storms to finally pass through before we hit the road for our 900 mile journey north. It's hard enough traveling with a cat on any day, but the thought of driving slowly with him through winding highway mountain passes in winter snow just seems insane. So we wait. The biggest storm is expected to hit Saturday night. We're thinking Monday will be our first opportunity for clear skies.
We saw what we believe to be Pelagic Cormorant pairs nesting on these sheer cliffs. An interesting sight, their chosen ledge so narrow that the birds stand with their necks kinked and their beaks pointing upward. They too are waiting for storms to pass, for eggs to hatch, holding an idea about the future for which there are no words.
nothing left to say
no words for the roar and din
silence becomes us

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