Friday, March 07, 2008

All In a Day

We've been having a bit of the blues and the blahs. Roger tweaked his back doing some heavy-duty yard work on Tuesday. A twist in a direction that a few muscles and joints just did not want to go. He's been down since, alternating between ice and heat. I'm sure he won't mind me saying, when he is up and walking around, he's stooped over like an old man. He's not grumbling, and that's a good thing. He says he's starting to feel a bit better. Yay!
Then came Thursday. Suddenly, we had a wild parade through the yard: Golden-crowned sparrows; American Robins; Douglas Squirrel; California Quail; Mallard Ducks.
They all arrived on one day, and joined the hearty crew that had been hanging out around the feeder, the dark-eyed juncoes, pine siskins, spotted towhees, red-winged blackbirds; house finches, and stellar's jays. The yard became our wild, trusted companion again. It yielded birdsongs to break our hearts, and old friends we had missed for winter.
We filled the feeder the other day with No-Mess Northwest mix from Wild Birds Unlimited. Our timing couldn't have been better.
Everyone seemed very happy. Ah, home for now.

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