Monday, March 10, 2008

Back to Real Estate and Shorebirds

We interviewed two real estate agents to see which one would best be able to market our house. Unfortunately for the two of us, Roger and I always fall in love with people, trust them implicitly, expect the highest of them, and anticipate them fulfilling our dreams. How to decide? Both so kind, so generous of their time. Both with their print outs, explanations, graphs of the market, comps. They have their own dreams, bills to pay, and private lives. How should we pick one? Somehow we sort through the morass of paperwork and choose the one who really loves the house, who sees how the light will be in summer, who understands our detachment and desire at the same time. She says she may already have buyers. They're coming here Monday between 10:00 and 11:00. Already wild anticipation before the house is even listed on the mls. Such is life in the modern world. Maybe they'll fall in love the moment they cross the threshold. We entertain such dreams.

Roger's back is still bothering him. He had been feeling somewhat better, but then not. I'm trying to pick up the slack, but I'm such a slacker, it's hard to muster the energy to go out in the 40 degree temps and sunless gray to rake last fall's leaves and the winter-blown detritus. I do what I can to neaten up the place. I leave piles and piles of stuff in different places, arranged to look like a planned execution of effort. Hah! Will the prospective buyers be fooled? One can only hope, but the yard looks like we haven't lifted a finger in four months. Guess what? We haven't. Hard to fake it.

I did get to go out for a walk with a good friend on Sunday. We headed down to the bay. So good to take a deep breath of the chilled northwest air. This Common Goldeneye greeted us when we walked along the shore. (Blogger wouldn't let me post a picture here. I tried for quite some time.)

So did this little beauty keep us distant company. I think it could be a Horned Grebe. What do you think? (No picture here either. I'll keep trying. Check back if you're interested in the photos.)

Wish us luck. Our world could change in an instant.

Obvious Update: Roger uploaded the photos to blogger for me. By 7:00 am Monday, blogger photo still wouldn't let me in. I can only assume that blogger photo doesn't like me personally. I mean, what else could it be?

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