Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm Melting... Melting

my hopes are now dashed
damned unreliable bones

The results of my latest bone density from March 14th are not good. The higher the negative, the worse the news (boy is that ever true). Here's what the most recent three years of tests look like:

Hip density -1.5 Lumbar spine density -2.4 (increased fracture risk)

Hip density -1.8 (increased fracture risk) Lumbar spine density -2.7 (high fracture risk)

Hip density -2.5 (high fracture risk) Lumbar spine density -2.9 (high fracture risk)

I'm worried about these results and have an appointment with the doctor on Friday. I'm much too young for my bones to be this fragile. It's really quite serious. I spent the last year taking calcium supplements, eating a high calcium diet, and walking as often and as much as I could. I thought I was doing the right things to prevent further resorption of my bones. I'll probably have to go on one of those drugs, you know the ones I mean. I'll turn into Sally Fields, happy that I only have to take one pill a month, even if it wrecks my esophagus and stomach. Hey, I'm worth it.

Please be reminded that my diminishing hip density does not in any way reflect just how hip I really am.

Wish me luck.

(Above photo borrowed from the internet without permission.)

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