Monday, March 24, 2008

The Return of an Old Friend

All robins may look alike, but this is the one we know. The one whose return we anticipate. We first noticed him in 2006 when he stood out from all others, with a stick protruding through his chest and out his back. It was a superficial wound, and he didn't seem hampered by it at all. Still we watched and were concerned about his well-being. Knowing there was nothing we could do to assist him, we nicknamed him "stick robin" and just let him be.
He returned in 2007, and we were absolutely thrilled to see him again.
This year, we are blown away. We think he looks robust, full-chested, and older. The stick protruding from his chest seems less obvious, we suspect because of how puffed out he is in the early spring rain. What a survivor! Robins can actually live up to 14 years but most die by their 6th year. How ever long this little guy lives, he's definitely one rockin' robin.

Roger said having this little robin show up year after year is like having a recognizable banded bird. I think he's got that absolutely right. Banded by natural circumstance, telling his own story of survival.

Photos: Stick Robin 2006, 2007, 2008.

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