Monday, March 03, 2008

Time and Space Are Funny Things

Wake up in drive... go to sleep in Washington. A touch of spring there in the fragrance of narcissus and calla lily buds, a touch of winter here in bare branches and only local birds at the feeder.

We adjust. Sleep in our own bed. Window wide open and temps in the 30s.
Put on layers and layers of clothing, head down to the mouth of Chimacum Creek. The eagles are exactly where we expect them to be. We know which trees belong to them. Watch a river otter take its bounty back to its den. We slow down and check out all the scat and tracks in the hardened mud. Clues. Reminders.

Hear a coyote the second night home.

Rainbow photo taken at sunset Friday Feb 22nd in Capitola, California. River otter photo taken Friday Feb 29th at Fort Townsend, Wa.

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