Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend 2008

Aside from the fact that we are basically homeless, life is pretty good. We are walking familiar paths and sniffing the familiar California air. There are things that remind us of home that have nothing to do with structure, walls, and windows, but with place, heart, and contentment. Home and homeless, we are.

Sunday morning we woke to perfect blue skies and still air. The whipping winds of the past few days had finally stopped. We headed north just about ten miles to Trinidad and took a nice walk along the beach. There are always more people out and about here than there were in Port Townsend. Of course this is a long, three-day weekend. Families are supposed to be flocking to the beautiful shoreline where children frolic in the tidepools, shouting about sea stars and the freezing cold water they are standing barefoot in. All is as it should be, right down to the single child-sized sneaker left behind, still with a little blue sock in it.

On Saturday we took a chance and answered an ad on Craigslist about a house for sale. We are no where near ready to buy a house, but we couldn't resist looking at this incredible place. An old house that's been converted to a modern, environmentally green home, fully solar-powered, 5000 gallon rainwater collection system, composting toilet, organic gardens, bog and fish pond, fruit trees. We had to look, didn't we? It's what we want to build for ourselves. When I knocked on the door, I never expected to recognize the woman who answered. But there she was, an acquaintance of at least a dozen or more years from Santa Cruz. What an incredible and happy coincidence. She showed us around and introduced us to her partner. Someone we had heard of, but never met. A truly remarkable man.

On this Memorial Day weekend, we consider ourselves lucky to be in the presence of such pacifists, patriots and peace warriors. We remember all those who have given everything.

Please click on the above photo. It is a panorama, six shots taken Sunday morning at Trinidad Beach.

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