Tuesday, May 20, 2008

roseburg oregon

we left our former home in port townsend yesterday morning. robin and her sister and our cat in the car and me in my truck. both vehicles packed to the limit with last minute stuff that escaped scrutiny as we loaded the big truck (see picture in the post below). we arrived in roseburg about 5 pm and fairly soon got a call from a friend back in washington informing us that the big truck is gone, as we left before the pickup.

then we had a marvelous dinner of sauteed tofu and rice prepared sunday by robin, and baby greens from the greenhouse, picked minutes before we departed. a last treat from the garden. and wine. storebought. the cat did complain a lot last night.

so we and our goods are all enroute to california. it was hot and humid all the way yesterday (aaahh for air conditioned vehicles) and it is raining this morning.

next post from mckinleyville, ca.

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