Thursday, May 22, 2008

The World's Best Sister

My younger sister Lynn flew to Seattle last Sunday so she could drive down to Humboldt County with me and the cat. I drove the first 90 miles along the beautiful Hood Canal. She drove the remaining 520 miles. We didn't plan it that way, it's just the way it worked out. She likes to drive. I like to sit and look out the window. We've been wanting to do a road trip together for years. In fact, I don't think we've driven this far together since we moved from New Jersey to California nearly 40 years ago. We had a great journey. We found that the miles flew by when we talked, and they flew even faster when we laughed. So, laugh we did, about everything. We could make a joke out of whatever was in front, behind or to the side of us: roadside crews, other drivers, bike riders, and road signs. The sight of a Dairy Queen sign, of which there are many, was enough to send us over the edge. She said, "Everybody loves ice cream, but come on, why is there a DQ sign at every exit in Oregon." I asked her at one point, "Don't you think it's weird that you came all the way to Port Townsend just to drive me south?" She said, "Nope. I love this!"

Lynn is an incredibly easy going person. She definitely has the patience and equanimity genes of the family. Nothing ruffles her. Not even my anxiety around hair-pin turns, when I screeched every time she crossed the center line. She would just smile at me and say, "I'm ignoring you. I'm good at that." She was.
We took her to the Arcata Airport Thursday morning. It's the smallest airport I've ever seen. She had to get on a Turbo-prop plane that seats 30 passengers for her flight to San Francisco, a one-hour layover, and another small plane flight back to Burbank. She did all of that for me and Roger, for fun, for a road trip, and out of the goodness of her very big heart. She's truly the best sister. Thank you, Lynnie-girl.

PS-- I wish I had a photo of her. She's freakin' beautiful too.

1. Top photo- Arcata Marsh.
2. Bottom photo- Guest house where are staying. If you look carefully, you can see Lynn on the couch.

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