Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Bluet, Blue Skies, and Wren

Photography is imprecise, maybe even misleading. Doesn't this look like a fairly large damselfly? Something easy to spot and photograph. It's not.
It's a tiny thing. Maybe just slightly longer than an inch. It hugged the rocky ground darting in and out of sight. It's in this photograph, can you spot it? (You have to click to embiggen the photo for a closer look.) I couldn't even see it through the viewfinder. Roger was directing me where to point. Then it finally landed right at our feet. That's the only way I could take the top photo. I think this damselfly is some kind of Bluet, but I could be wrong. I know nothing about Odonatas except that they are often quite beautiful. Look at that blue. It's as blue as Monday's sky.

When we first heard the song, we both said, "Did you hear that?" It was a new song for us, cheerful and full of trills and clicks. So we looked around until we could find what little bird was making this big, beautiful sound. Oh it was you, House Wren or Bewick's Wren.

Singing your beating little heart out about something...

...maybe something as grand as the first African-American nominee for President. That's something to sing about, head back, throat open, gladly singing.

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