Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Bums Untethered

Someone threw a wrench into the works. We were supposed to be on the road Thursday, driving down to Capitola to the beach house, while we waited for our charming little rose-covered cottage to be vacated for us to move in on July 15th. But someone changed their mind about moving out of said cottage, and left us scrambling our retired butts off to find another rental in a rental-starved university town. We found something that is barely acceptable. Old and funky doesn't even begin to describe it. Picture, if you must, a house from the 50s that has never been upgraded. Lemon yellow formica in bath and kitchen, lime green backsplash. We've been burning incense throughout just to remove a slightly weird stench that permeates the ancient, industrial gray carpets.
But that's not even the worst of it. Can you imagine this: Because we were unprepared for such a quick relocation, we didn't set up our landline telephone or dsl connection. So, this will probably be the last post here for a week. All we have is our trusty little cell phone (pay-as-you-go, no plan) to keep us slightly tethered to the outside world. We are as marooned as any space cadet whose lines to the mothership have been severed by unseen hands. No one may be able to hear us scream in space, but that doesn't mean we are not screaming.

These fox kit photos were sent to us by our friend CCorax who comments here. She has been watching kit and mom for weeks, and every now and then manages to take the most amazing photos of them. We are lucky to be the recipients of these beautiful pics. They are the most pleasant reminders of the good planet and good friends.

See you next week.

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