Sunday, June 08, 2008

cactus, cat, and african violet

don't you all travel with plants and pets? well, we are relocating, so the pet part is understandable. maybe even the african violet, which we've had for at least 15 years. but a 40 pound barrel cactus? it's a golden barrel (Echinocactus grusonii). robin's father collected it in the desert where her parents lived years ago. it's very heavy and obviously awkward and potentially dangerous to lug around. it lived in my truck for the first week we were here in humboldt county. we moved it in to the covered deck here in our second temporary lodging, and then into the bedroom, right on the bed, for the afternoon sun. yesterday we put it on the landing outside our second story condo for a bit more direct sunlight.
-----------------------------cactus on bed-----------------------------
we also put cartons on the stairs down to the parking lot to stop the cat from escaping, and let him out on the landing too. i'm sure the cactus pot smells familiar to him. the african violet graces our meal table. the plants, though wanting air and light and water (and careful handling) don't require food and a *box* with attendant cleaning and more importantly are mute and don't wake us in the night or moan about boredom, and are almost as affectionate as our maine coon cat.
----------------------------cat under different bed--------------------------
those things and the foodstuffs and spices and pillows and blankets and a small rug that came with us do give us a bit of home grounding while our future is up in the air. bonsai the cat has been very patient as we go from house to motel to week-long cabin to month-long condo. we will feel better when we have a real house arranged. bonsai will feel better when we move in and he has a fenced yard to explore.
----------------------african violet gracing our meal table----------------

life here is not all about the frustration of finding housing all the time. we have met many nice people and have enjoyed a wonderful time with our daughter. she took us to a saturday matinee of a ballet that her stepson is in. we figured that as we are family we should go. part of why we moved here. it began a bit slowly but soon got into the story and we enjoyed the whole thing. we took her to dinner at a cafe she recommended. the waitress and several other diners knew her and obviously love her. we do too.

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