Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Urban Critters with Opossum Update

We slowed down and took a look around. Even here in condo-land there are things buzzing and crawling around quietly at the edges.
There's a bottlebrush bush right outside our door. The bees and flies are busy there all day long. This hummingbird stopped by for a little nectar delight.
I liked it sitting on the fence like this. Its iridescent feathers so beautifully contrasted with the gray plastic and metal links.
The real surprise though was this young opossum sniffing around the crawlspace openings. I think it probably lives under the building. It may be more at home here than we are. I hope so.

Opossum Update:
FC and Rurality commented that they were surprised to see opossums out west. I checked the handy-dandy wikipedia resource and found this:

Their unspecialized biology, flexible diet and reproductive strategy make them successful colonizers and survivors in unsettled times. Originally native to the eastern United States, the Virginia Opossum was intentionally introduced into the west during the Great Depression, probably as a source of food. Its range has been expanding steadily northwards, thanks in part to more plentiful, man-made sources of fresh water, increased shelter due to urban encroachment, and milder winters. Its range has extended into Ontario, Canada, and it has been found farther north than Toronto.

I did not think "food" when I saw this opossum. It doesn't look yummy to me at all, but then neither does a chicken, which I do eat. I wonder how green chili opossum enchiladas would taste? Just kidding.

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