Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Parking Lot Wifi

Just a quick hello from the Arcata Co-op Parking Lot, where we are sitting in our car making use of their lightning fast wifi.

Our furniture arrived Monday, only four days after promised. Sleeping on a real mattress off the floor is an incredible luxury.

We did finally get a landline on Monday as well. We don't know how FC manages to keep such a photo-rich blog going on dial-up. We haven't even attempted a single blog post on such a slow connection. Supposedly we will be getting our dsl on Monday July 7th.

We have had some very strained and contentious discussions with AT&T regarding their lack of customer support. Someday we may recount the more ludicrous aspects of their incompetence, but let's just say we were never sent a welcome letter, so we never received our passcode to get into our voice mail, so we could not access a message that was beeping on our line, which prevented us from even using our agonizingly slow dialup because the computer could not negotiate a connection without finding a freakin' dialtone. Hello AT&T, does a human ever answer your phones?

Other than that, life is interesting in a parking lot.

We saw this frog last week at the marsh.

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