Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Round Rocks

What better gift is there than this: Our earth, a swirling blue planet in a limitless space. With its millions of life forms and more. Imagine here the colors of fish and flowers. The smell of forest and herbs. The sound of water and thunder. The taste of berries and walnuts. The feel of wind and snow falling. What better gift is there than this? The sight of ourselves rising from a moonscape.
We found this round rock on the beach last month. At first we thought it was a tennis ball covered with sand, simply deposited in the surf. We almost dismissed it, but couldn't dismiss our curiosity so went over to inspect it. Ah, a round rock and not one found by Pablo. Imagine that. So we took it home.

The day before Christmas, we placed the rock on a black sweater and photographed it. We wanted to see if it would look like a planet in space. What do you think? I think we made a handmade moon for you for Christmas.

Happy holidays to our fellow earth travelers.

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