Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No Photos Wednesday

I had an idea for a post today. Even though it could be a wordless Wednesday, I had a few words to say about what it's like to have telephoto sensibilities in a wide angle world. Here on the bay, the view is expansive. It must be nearly twenty miles of uninterrupted perspective out of every window. It occurred to me the other day that I had spent the past four years looking very closely at things-- baby spiders in sunlit webs, frozen petals on wild iris blooms, tiny bird eggs in ground nests beneath knee-high grasses. These miles of wide open water-- blue or gray depending on the sky, calm or choppy depending on the wind, full of flaming color depending on the rising or setting sun-- demand an adjustment in my internal viewfinder. An adjustment that I can't seem to make. My sight wants intimacy that is not found staring out at sea.

So, I had two photos to post here. One was a beautiful Western Grebe propelling itself through the true green waters of the bay. I zoomed as closely as I could with a 12 X optical zoom. The Grebe's feathers glinted in the bright afternoon sun, while its crazy legs paddled along in a dreamy underwater quiet. The other photo was of a dolphin out in the bay, a dorsal fin rising out of sky-blue water. A black form, close enough to identify, but far enough away to maintain its utter secrecy. The photos were to convey my sense of struggle between the telephoto and wide-angle world.

Unfortunately on Tuesday, I inadvertently dragged my computer's power cord through the cat's water bowl. It's something only a person in a harried moment doing too many things at once (baking bread, cleaning off the table, listening to Air America streaming off the internet) can do. Now my computer with the grebe and dolphin photos cannot be charged and is inaccessible at the moment.

So, that's my story why there are no photos here on a Wordless Wednesday, just a lot of words. New power cord will be bought-- $71. Ah, Apple.

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