Thursday, January 29, 2009

Now the Photos

Maybe it's not really true that a picture is worth a thousand words. I think the words in the previous post painted a picture that conveys more than the photograph itself. Perhaps the sense of the seer adds a bit to the seen.

Here is the Western Grebe. Do those legs seem crazy in the dreamy underwater quiet? I thought they did.

And here's the dolphin.
What can possibly be known by this view? A wide angle lens would show even less. I am more drawn to details of the world. Still, the expanse of the sea gives so much room for daydreaming about such things.

Updates: As it turns out I tried the power cord one more time on Wednesday before we left to go buy a new one. Suddenly the thing worked, lit up and started charging the computer. We therefore had time to go hiking in this amazing spring-like weather. Our lives were completely enriched by the experience. Our blog even has a new banner to show for it. There will be another post about those encounters soon. Suffice to say, all the critters seemed to think we are in the season of love.

Roger had his toe x-rayed Tuesday because it seemed to not be healing quite as quickly has we would have liked. The doctor confirmed that he had in fact fractured it, but that there's not much to do but tape it to the toe next to it and give it time. He was up for the good hike we took Wednesday, and his toe did not complain one bit.

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