Monday, January 12, 2009

A Post From Bed

Full moon rising January 10 taken from the upstairs window
First Roger got sick, and then I did. Still am. A very sore throat and heavy congestion. So the world goes on without us. Roger has been taking good care of me, cooking all the meals and cleaning up. I've been staying in bed, except when we've gone out to look at property. Oh, and there were those two minus tide walks that I definitely should not have taken. I had been feeling somewhat better, but the three miles on the second walk pushed me back and extended my recovery period. To be perfectly honest, I felt so much worse after the second walk I was almost embarrassed to have done something so stupid. I didn't even get a good photograph of anything.

Red-shouldered hawk photographed December 31
I haven't been sick in a long time. Not this kind of rhino-virusy sick. We're pretty sure that our sauna must have provided us with a lot of protection because viruses never got the better of us. Right now this one is seriously kicking my butt. What do people do when they're sick in bed? I don't watch TV, and reading requires too much thought and engagement. I don't even have the energy to leave comments on all my favorite blogs. I'm checking in with you, even if I don't say hello.
Hawk and moon photoshopped on a Sunday afternoon
I still get up to watch the sun and moon rise. That takes about a half hour. Then what? I look at photos for inspiration. Wouldn't it have been cool if the hawk had been on the roof when the moon came up? A little photoshopping just to see. After that, I'm a terribly impatient patient.

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